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EdxWinry ♥

Se va a necesitar de mucho esfuerzo y dedicación por parte de mangakas y fans para convencerme de que Ed y Winry no son la mejor pareja existente ^^

FullMetal Alchemist: OneShot

Sexual Innuendo

Ah! Edward! Ah!"
"I… can't… Nnn… Winry!"
"You're not in far enough!"
"That's as far… as it goes! AH!"
"Edward! Stop shaking!"
"I… can't… EH! AH!"
"Ugh! Ed you're terrible at this! Ah!"
"Shut up! You're the one making it so difficult!"
"You're such a child… AH! Even… with this…!"
"Come on already! … Go… in…!"

With an exhausted sigh, Winry sat back in her chair. She brushed the back of her hand along her forehead, wiping away the sweat and smearing it with grease. "Man do I hate changing the shoulder," she said, exasperated.
Ed was panting from the pain. "Tell me… about it…" he reached his flesh hand over and placed it on the armless metal shoulder that Winry had just bolted to his bones, "It only has to happen once every 5 years, but man does it suck."
"I'll bet," Winry commented. She collected her tools from around him and placed them in the toolbox beside her chair on the floor, "For once I wish you would just give in and let me use some sort of anesthesia. That sort of pain control can't be easy - even for you."
"Don't worry about it," Edward rolled his new shoulder backwards and forwards, being careful not to let Winry see him wince from the pins and needles he could feel deep in his bone marrow.
Winry sat back up after closing her toolbox, tapping her gloved fist on her chin with her face screwed into concentration. "We have about an hour before we can attach the arm… Need to let the nerves adjust to the new metal…" she was murmuring to herself. Finally, she dropped her hand and looked up at him, "Okay, get up."
Edward blinked, but did as she said. He swung his legs off the side of the bed and stood up. "Can I put my shirt back on?" he asked.
Winry got up from her stool and went over to her workbench, searching for something. "No…" she seemed disconnected when she answered him - like her mind was off somewhere else, "And take off your pants."
More blinking. Then Edward's eyes went wide and his pupils shrank. We have about an hour… Take off your pants… The thoughts ran through his head over and over again, while his eyes stayed focused on Winry's back… with her bare midriff… slender frame… outstanding features…
He shook his head like a madman. Where had that come from?! Winry was just a childhood friend, right? He shouldn't be thinking about shoving all her tools off her workbench and using it to-
"GAH!" Ed shouted, making Winry jump a bit. He stumbled backwards, where the backs of his knees hit the edge of Winry's bed and he fell back onto it.
What the hell was wrong with him?! His hormones were out of control for some reason! All that yelling and moaning earlier must've really screwed with his head.
"Edward?" Winry came over, standing not more than a few inches from him, and leaned her head down until her forehead was practically touching his. He felt his face go bright red. He hoped he could get it under control before his head erupted like a volcano. "Are you all right?" she wanted to know.
"W-What? Who? M-Me? Fine," he was talking way too fast, "I'm fine. Are you okay? B-Because I'm fine."
Winry tilted her head to the side in that way Edward had found adorable ever since they were children and raised an eyebrow at him, "Are you sure? You look really red. You're not getting a fever are you?"
You look really red…
Well that sure didn't help lessen the embarrassment on his face. "N-No. You're really hot- I mean feverish! You're really feverish! Er, wait, no… I mean like… I don't have a fever, because you feel hotter than I am." Pause. Panic. "N-N-Not that I've felt y-you or anything! Cause I haven't! Nope. No feeling here!"
Winry looked confused beyond belief, but she pulled back and took a step back. "All right then…" she said hesitantly, "Take off your pants so I can have a look at your leg."
Look at my…?
Edward sat up. He could have slapped himself for that one. Of course that's what she meant! He was such an idiot! Stupid fucking hormones… Stop clouding up his head!
"R-Right," he replied. He stared down at his boots for a moment, then kicked them off. He stood up, undid his pants, and pulled them off as told - tossing them onto her bed.
"Ah!" Winry exclaimed excitedly. Edward, clad only in his underwear, turned to see what she was so pleased about, and got an interesting surprise of his own.
"So there's my lucky wrench…" she was murmuring to herself again as she was down on her hands and knees fetching a wrench from beneath her workbench.
"Ngh!" Edward's eyes went round and his mouth dropped for a moment, letting a stream of blood from his nosebleed get into his mouth on accident.
Winry crawled back out from beneath the workbench and turned to show Edward her wrench, (which she had been missing since yesterday morning), only to find him now faced away from her with his hand over his mouth and nose. Man he was such a weirdo today…
"Ed? Are you sure you're okay?" Winry slowly got to her feet, worried blue eyes on the back of Ed's head.
Edward was panicking… again. What was he supposed to do now? If he didn't come up with a really good excuse for this nosebleed, she would connect the dots on her own and that wrench in her hand would go from being a lost and found tool to a deadly weapon!
"I, uh…" he swallowed and pulled his bloody hand away from his even bloodier nose. God he was such a pervert! "I guess I got… up to fast…" he lied lamely, wincing from the pain he knew she would inflict soon enough, "All the blood… drained from my head to quick…"
Winry, completely oblivious to how badly she was making Ed's blood rush, grabbed a small green rag from her stool and went over to him. "You have a nosebleed?" she offered him the rag, "You goofball."
Edward took the rag hesitantly. What sick and twist plot was she coming up with that would allow her to beat that tool into his head repetitively? "That's it?" he asked before he could stop himself.
She blinked at him, "That's what?"
She really didn't get it? "Nothing," he said quickly. He took the rage and wiped away the blood before he gave her enough time to dwell on the possibilities of what, or who, might cause a nosebleed.
"Okay…? Well, sit down then," she told him, "We're not going to change the metal and bolting in your leg until tomorrow, but I'd still like to get a look at what we're dealing with."
With a nod, Edward sat back down on the edge of the bed.
Winry got down on her knees and dug in her toolbox for her small aluminum pole. It wasn't anything especially interesting, but it was perfect for testing metal. She moved across and situated herself on the floor in front of Edward, not noticing the changing shades of red on his face had come back for a round 2.
Edward pressed the rag more firmly against his nose in the hope of stopping the bleeding he felt getting slightly worse. Why did she have to be on her knees? And why did her long blond hair have to brush against his flesh knee every time she moved slightly. It was like pins and needles… but a good kind…
What was with that anyway? He'd never been so sensitive before…
'That sort of pain control can't be easy - even for you.'

Oh you had to be KIDDING!
Really? That was it? His ability to control his hormones was shot until his nerves readjusted because he had already used up all the control he had keeping himself from passing out with the pain of changing his shoulder metal? That was it?!
Winry tapped her aluminum pole on his knee twice, screwing her mouth together in a frown. The sound of the metal told her it definitely needed to be changed tomorrow. She tapped it again, unaware of the vibration she sent pulsating… up… Ed's… leg…
"Ineedtogotothebathroom!" he exclaimed suddenly. He jumped up from the bed and ran out of her room fast enough to make Winry's head spin.
"What the…?" Winry raised an eyebrow at the door of her room where Edward had disappeared through. She shook her head with an irritated huff, "Freaking weirdo."
Edward didn't stop running until he had gotten inside the downstairs bathroom and slammed the door shut so fast he practically broke it down.
With his back pressed firmly against the door and his breathing a ragged panting, Edward did his best to center himself. He couldn't remember this being this bad 5 years ago… But then again, 5 years ago he hadn't gone through the hell that was puberty.
He thumped the back of his head against the door twice. He needed to get it together! He was Edward Elric, damnit, the youngest person to ever become a state alchemist! He had faced off against Scar and lived! He had committed the taboo of all alchemists and lived to tell the tale! He most certainly could control his hormones if he just focused!
Ed took in a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. At least my nose stopped bleeding… he thought optimistically.
Of course, all optimism was shattered when Winry knocked on the door a moment later. "Edward? You in there?" she called, her voice having an edge of worry to it even he could hear.
His face went red, his head exploded. Very, very slowly, with his head staying straight, his pupils dropped - looking down.
This was going to be a long hour.


Aaaaw, son demasiado geniales ♥

Y sí, el fanfic no es mío xD

Y sí, el fanart tampoco es mío xD

Saludos desvelados xD


P.D: Ed ♥

P.D 2: El último sí es mío :3

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